Spent a great day in the studio and even managed a kiln firing. This time I decided to do some really narrow pendants using various types of dichroic glass. Some freshly cut pieces and some that had already been fired into small cabochons. Here you can see the kiln tile set up ready for me to place in the kiln. This can be quite nerve racking as the layers of glass very often slip, slide and even topple over. But with a steady hand and a keen eye the shelf complete with cut glass was placed in the Paragon sc2-w kiln.

About three hours later the pendants that I was happy with had been attached to bails and photographed. These have come quite beautiful, with all the colours of a rainbow.

All approximately 2" x 1/4".

Here they are again but this time I have became quite apt at stitching photos together using the simple paint package supplied with windows. If anyone needs a hand to stitch photo's together then drop me a line and if enough requests are received then I feel another blog post coming on to try and explain.

If you would like to buy any of the things that I list then please contact me for more information. All of my work is priced at affordable levels e.g. stud earrings £5 set on 925 silver, Pendants £10, Drop earrings £10 set on 925 silver, Rainbow Tie Clips £10, Bracelets £15, solid silver cuff links £35 and solid silver bracelets £45. All solid silver is stamped 925 silver and if you are unsure of what that means then its 92.5% silver. Classed as solid silver.

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