Make your own glass cutting board plus hands free filn wash drier.

Just thought I would share my version of a straight cut glass cutter. I made this from bits n bobs that I found around and the only items I spent money on was a nice white grippy knob, four rubber feet and the cutting head, total cost of about £6.

To start with I got a sturdy chunk of very flat wood, this has to be totally flat for obvious reasons. Then I acquired a short length of steel bar, a "T" union from some pipe job that was done years ago, a old brass ruler, some screws, a couple of nuts and bolts and a bit of Patience.

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures (man verses technology moment)
but I am sure you get the gist of how it works. This was put together in a day making sure the ruler was the last thing to attach. Make sure that this is totally square with the steel bar and that you have a measurement to both sides of the cutter. This will come invaluable when cutting.

Even though I say so myself, this is the best tool I have or made that cuts a straight line every time. No more, holding a straight edge to cut against. You simply hold the glass against the brass ruler and score by pulling the cutter toward you. Hence why it runs along the steel bar, lift to the edge/start of the score then score. What could be easier..... I do sometimes have some failures but I think that goes with the territory.

Being a man, I am always trying to automate things.

Well my next idea was when I found myself trying to dry the coats of kiln wash on my kiln tile. Whilst helping my partner Sue make a sign for the studio I had to keep turning the dryer off. I found this a bit frustrating as the kiln washes was taking longer that I wanted it to. So, with a couple of small boxes a bit of wood and a spring loaded clip (actually a spare tie clip) the set up was complete.

Except one thing. The tile only dried in one place. A quick head scratch and out came my solar powered turn table for jewellery display. I place the tile on the turn table, thinking I might be too heavy for it but to my surprise it started turning. Excellent.......

With the dryer on full and the tile turning, four coats of kiln wash was dry without me holding it for about 20 minutes.
Here is a picture of my hands free kiln wash drier, unfortunately I did not include the turning table in the picture. Well all inventors have secrets, don't they!!!!!

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