Great Gift Idea for someone special.

I've created again..... I just love making this jewellery and this time I thought I should show my readers my recent matching Earrings and Pendant in beautiful sparkling Dichroic Glass. As always with this type of glass it just doesn't show off the true colours that these hold. 
A great gift idea for that someone special 
prices on my shop page start at £5 plus P&P. The ones you see here are £10 for the drop earrings and £10 for the Pendant plus £3 P&P.

The earrings measure approximately 5/8" x 1/2" 
and are attached to 925 solid silver wires and bails and the pendant measures approximately 1"3/8" x 5/8" and is attached to a silver plated (nickel and zinc free) bail. The pendant can be supplied with a free 16" (approx) velvet style cord with adjustable chain end with lobster catch.
Both are presented in a hot pink shinny boxes.
You can see more of my jewellery by clicking on the shop button above or by clicking here.

The Citrus Selection, Dichroic Glass Pendants

The Citrus Selection, Dichroic Glass Pendants

I thought I should say a bit about these really bright pendants I design and made recently. With all this sunshine we are having, the flowers are blossoming and the gardens and countryside is exploding with colour and that's where this idea of citrus fruit colour have come from. Well, that and the memories of the fruit Highball cocktails I have tasted in the

As you can see I usually like to put a few bits of contrast in the designs. Why? because I like how it draws the eye.
You can find my designs on my shop link above of 
There are design and prices to suit all, men as well and women. Prices start at £5 plus P&P. Ordering is simple or you can just contact 

USB Pendant.

USB Pendant, Dichroic Glass pendant with a 8GB Sandisk flash drive fitted.

My latest creation is this USB Pendant. It is large, in fact quite large. I don't think I had my glasses on when I cut the dichroic to size. Anyway its a piece of amazing jewellery that I love making.

With the electric blue colours and a flash of golden yellow running down it. The Pendant measures about 2 1/2" x 1/1/2" and the USB is a Sandisk 8GB 2.0 flash drive. I have tested the drive with a word document for quality control and all well. As I have said on a previous post, I am not a techie head so if you have questions about the flash drive then please email them and I will try and answer to the best of my abilities.
Due to the difficulty of making this type of pendant they wont be made in vast quantities and I will make as and when I want another challenge. lol
Anyway here's the nitty gritty bit.
Own this unique piece of Dichroic Glass Jewellery for £35 plus P&P
If you are interested then please contact me or take a look at my other creations on my shop link.

Dichroic Glass Drop Earrings

Here are just a few more of my creations. I have many more as I just love making and creating jewellery I think its the alchemist in

Multi coloured but mainly blue drop earrings

Golden Yellow sparkly drop earrings

Hot Pink with a hint of stars drop earrings
All my earrings are attached to 925 solid silver findings and sold with a hot pink gift box. Drop earring price is £10 per pair plus P&P. Please contact me if you require further information by clicking here

To see more please click here 

New Dichroic Glass Stud Earrings

Here is just a short selection of my latest 
Dichroic Glass stud earring designs.

Sparkling silver
Deepest Blue
Hot Pink with a hint of stars

 All of the Stud Earrings I design and make are attached to 925 solid silver findings and are sold 
complete with a hot pink presentation box.
 Prices for the stud earrings are £5 (plus P&P).
A large selection of stud and drop earrings can be found by clicking on my shop button at the top of my blog or click here to go to my website. Where you will find many more jewellery designs to suit all tastes and pockets. 
All made by me at the studio of Inspired by Script
288a High Street, Northallerton, 
North Yorkshire

Unigue Gift, Dichroic Glass Pendant with 8GB USB Flash Drive

Dual purpose pendant.
A pendant with USB flash drive.

It was recently suggested that my pendants would look good as a flash drive holder for computers. I thought what a great unique gift idea.
I went off and thought about it, scratched my head quite a bit and came up with this design. 

This unique Dichroic Pendant has a solid silver bail attached and shows off what I would class as electric colours (some may argue that one, but I'm the designer, lol). 
It measure approximately 2 1/4" x 1" including the bail.

Set just inside the back of the pendant is a 8GB flash drive. As you can see, the wearer can just pull off the bottom part and insert it into a gadget for easy transfer of data, images, music or what ever you need to transfer and then simply replace it back into the top part of the pendant. 

The flash drive has been checked by me and contains a little message. If you are a techie head please don't bombard me with technical questions, all I know is. It's new, it works and it's small.

If you are interested in buying this unique and special pendant then please contact me at:
The price for this one is £35 plus £2.50 P&P.
(if required, it is supplied with free velvet type 16" cord)

Most of my designs can be found on my website. 

Twenty Dichroic Glass Pendants on Solid Silver Bails

Order completed. Big sigh of relief. Twenty Dichroic Glass Pendants with solid silver bails ready for dispatch. Thank you Gail.

The remit for these were, purples, blues, pinks and sparkles. Well I started off alright but got a bit carried away. I think the outcome is stunning but I am slightly
If you would like to see similar creations then click here and if you would like a colour of your choice please feel free in contacting me via email and I can see what I can do. Don't forget though, glass can have a mind of its


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