Cutting glass

For my next batch of glass firing I decided to fire some very small pieces. To be precise, 1/8" square glass approximately. These are quite simple designs and have two layers of glass but the time was taken up with cutting. Yes, cutting by hand 284 squares of glass is quite laborious but I am always up for a challenge. Two nights later, they were cut.......and I still have all my fingers and thumbs although my sanity did ebb a bit on a few occasions. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what I was doing.

Well as you can see, very small squares of glass. What I didn't think of before cutting them at night at home is transporting them to the studio whilst they are still stacked. I then realised that many months ago I had bought some fusing glass glue. After raking through the grey matter that lies between my ears I remembered where I had put it for safety. Excellent, I then proceeded to glue each pair of square glass together and 2 hours later left them overnight to set/dry.
The next day I lifted one of the pairs up expecting them to stay firm. Well that was a bit optimistic. They separated at the slightest hint of gravity.
So now I have a selection of apparently glue pairs of glass that I have to transport very carefully to the studio. That should be fun. NOT. But I am looking for to starting up my new kiln again.
Hopefully within a couple of days I will have some finished glass pieces that I will photograph and show you what the finished product look like. As, quite often its a surprise to me when all the parts come together to reveal itself as a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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  1. I'm glad you share your frustrations, too. I thought at times for me, it was an indication it just wasn't meant to be.


Thanks for looking at my blog. Hope you come back soon. :o)


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