Arrow Head Shaped Dichroic Glass Pendants

I recently had a idea of designing and making pointy Arrow Head Shaped Pendants but thought that's been done many times before. So after some head scratching (once again) I had the idea of a finished pendant with a squiggly inclusion.
I had some thin dichroic stringer hanging around at the studio and after a rummage in the tool box I found my gas soldering torch. This is great for manipulating very thin/small bits of glass and is not so smelly as a candle in the studio. (yes, you can manipulate glass stringers with a candle)
So on with the safety glasses, I lit the flame and started wiggling and bending the glass stringer. 
This was great fun and I kept going until I had made enough inclusions for a dozen pendants, with a few that didn't work that well or rather I dropped the glass and it broke beyond usage. I had enough for twelve pendants. 
All I had to do then was cut the base glass and the top glass, knowing it will shrink and round slightly. I cut them to what would turn out the best, in my eye's anyway.

And here are the finished Arrow Head Shaped Pendants.

Once again I had great fun making these and the end result shows that I did.
If you would like to see these close up then visit my website or click on the shop button above.
I have loads more design ideas that I will list as soon as they are made.
Thanks for reading.

Unique Fathers day present with FREE P&P (UK only sorry)

To calibrate fathers day on the 17th June 2012.
I am offering FREE P&P (UK only due to delivery times) until the 13th June 2012, so the gift should arrive on time for that special day. But please remember, delivery is by UK post office and no guaranties can be made on delivery times.

I have a range of tie clips and cuff links that would make great unique gifts and they are great prices too. All my creations are handmade and never two of a kind are made. Some will be similar but all different.

Here are a couple of ideas that you might like.

Rainbow Tie clip
An amazingly coloured dichroic glass tie clip, Rainbow Tie Clips are the new in thing. You can see many more colour styles of these by clicking here or clicking on my shop button above. Please order soon as these are going fast and I do not have time to make any more for this special day. 
These tie clips measure approximately 2" long by 1/2" wide and set on white metal with spring loader clip.

Cats Eye Cuff links

Here are my last pair of sparkly pair of Dichroic Glass Cuff links in the style of Cats Eyes set on solid silver  and presented in a chrome affect gift box. Again with time restraints no more will be made in time for this special day. These cuff links and many more gift ideas can be seen by clicking on my shop button or clicking here.
Don't forget only until the 13th June 2012 its FREE posting and packing (normally £3)


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