My own designed gadget for making earring display cards for stud and drop earrings.

I thought I would share another of my own design gadget thingy. 
The problem was how to make two slits and two holes in the display card for my stud and drop earrings.
Here is the printed 45mm x 45mm card reading for holes to be put in.
I had this crazy idea of making a hinged piece with cutters set in at the correct level. This is the second version as I stupidly changed the design of the cards. ooops.
And this sort of how it works. Open up the gadget. (you can now see the two nails sticking out and where they used to be.
Here you can see the gadget totally open, showing the two blades set for making slits for the drop earrings.
The printed, plain card sits into a template area.
With the card in place, the gadget is closed firmed, without fingers left inside.
Here, you can just see the two nails that have pocked the two holes in the card for the stud earrings.
Opening the gadget (must get a name for it) the card is removed. The card has a pair of holes and a pair of slits
Here, you can see how the drop earrings are hung in the slits of the card.
Now, drop earring set and put into a display box reading for those eager customers to see and buy.
And just to show how the studs are set, here is the final finished card with studs and set in a display box.
Quite good, if I say so myself. I like to have some things automated. Because they can take up so much time. 
Now, when I need a few display cards, I just get the gadget out and within a few seconds I have them done.
I love it when a plan comes together.
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Mosaic Fashion Jewellery Pendant

Here is a very unique triangle mosaic pendant. These are made using a two firing process and set on a silver plated bail. The colours are gorgeous in real life and the picture only shows what a picture can. 
You can buy this unique fashion jewellery for £15 plus £2 p&p by emailing me at 
or go to my Facebook page at 
to see this and lots more. Hope you enjoy you visit.
Thanks Steve

Fashion Jewellery, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Hair Clips and Pendants at Darlington Sunday Peoples Market

For all my readers that have not had chance to visit me at The Darlington Sunday Peoples Market.
To start with this first picture shows a collection of new designs and creations of Rings and Bracelets. 
The following pictures show off my design to the best of my photographic ability. 
I am always trying to show off my work to there best but I often cannot find display stands that I like or that I can afford. So the bracelet display is another creation of mine (being a ex worker, I enjoy doing things like this). All it took was a few scraps of MDF a bit of paint and my imagination to see the end product from a pile of unwanted bits and pieces.
This next picture shows the new large cabochon design Rings. They look great on another hand made bits of scrap Ring display stand. A couple of bits of perspex and a off cut of MDF plus some paint again and a bit of time and imagination again and there you go. A very cheap Ring stand to my requirements.
Here is a collected view of Rings, Hair Clips and a few Bracelets. 
And finally, me! The creator! I love making making almost anything especially when someone else like what I have made.  
And that was just a snippet of time at this lovely street market in Darlington on the first Sunday of every month, yes even the winter months.
If you decide to visit in the winter months wear thermals. lol. It's a great day any time of the year. Great atmosphere, lovely people and unique goods to get for yourself a friend or a loved one.
Hope to see you there and if you have read this and decided to make a visit, why not introduce yourself and say you follow my blog.
Anyway, that's about it for now.
Thanks for stopping by.
Steve :o)

Dragon Eye Pendant

I do quite a few cats eye and dragon eye pendants and bracelets and here is just one of them. This pendant was made using a circle cutter for the dichroic glass and for the top glass. Then my trusty Dremel came out and I ground the eye slit. Even though I say so myself. I think it look really affective.
To order this pendant, please contact me via email at
If you would like to see other designs then take a look at my website at
and if you want to keep up with some of the goings on at the studio and very new designs then visit my Facebook page at
I am always making and coming up with new designs so don't miss out on that unique gift, whether it's for yourself, a friend or a loved one..
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Unique Fashion Earrings

The latest creation to come from the studio of is a pair of beautiful dichroic glass drop earrings.
These measure approx 5/8" x 3/8" and are set on 925 solid silver back and 925 solid silver ear wire.
Unique Fashion Earrings
To order these for £15 plus £2 p&p contact me via email at
or have a look at the range of fashion jewellery available on my website at

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Zentangle Fashion Jewellery Pendant

Zentangle Fashion Jewellery Pendant. 
A dichroic glass pendant with a zentangle design fired into the glass. 
This, as with all my other creations are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. 
So once it's gone, it's gone!

To order this unique piece of fashion jewellery contact me by email at
To see more designs go to my website at

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A seasonal butterfly dichroic glass pendant

A seasonal butterfly dichroic glass pendant

I thought, as it's butterfly season I would list one of the flutterby pendants available from

To order this for £15 plus £2 p&p contact me via email at 
Thanks for looking
Steve :o)

Matching Purple fashion Pendant and drop earrings.

A new creation from Steve Smith Jewellery
Gorgeous Purple Pendant with matching drop earrings. A must for any one who is looking for something unique.
The pendant is set on a silver plated bail and the drop earrings at set on 925 solid silver bail with 925 solid silver wires.

The set is £25 plus £2 p&p
To order, contact me via email at

Thanks for looking
Steve :o)

New designs of Cancerian Fashion Pendants

A beautiful grey/blue pendant, one of the main colours for a Cancarian zodiac sign. Streaky glass with a hint of Dichroic Glass with a medium size image Pendant. Cancerians can seem easygoing, sympathetic, and patient one minute, then cranky and irritable the next. Because of this ability to make a sudden change, Cancer is the least predictable of all signs. Cancerians are very intuitive, almost to the point of being psychic. They are able to spot even the smallest change in another's behaviour, so it is hard to deceive them. This unique pendant is £15 plus £2 p&p, to order please contact me via Facebook or via email at

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Out of the fiery furnace the reborn Phoenix emerges.

Out of the fiery furnace the reborn Phoenix emerges.
This gorgeous dichroic glass pendant (the picture does not do it justice) has the image ot The Phoenix fired into the glass.
You can buy the pendant and adopt The Phoenix for £15 plus £2 p&p by contacting me via Facebook or via email at
Thank for looking
Steve :o)


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