Snow n sell. or not!

Just a quick update. After putting together all that I thought I would need for a craft fair. The snow came along and dashed all my plans. Snowed in for about 3 days at my girlfriends, well it could of been
My next craft fair is this weekend and the weather does not look like it will let me do that one either. Ow well, these things come along to try us and make us stronger for the future.
see you for now x
Another fun evening. Spent two hours cleaning up 44 glass pendants and another two hours glueing the bails on. OMG what we do for our passions. Next craft fair fast approaching, just a afternoon event this weekend 27th Nov at Welburn in North Yorkshire then a 2 day event near the raceway at croft, a place called Paddock craft fair. Told my girlfriend we had to be up by about 7am on the saturday and she nearly fell over. Bless her, she's such a star.
Flipping eck, blogged twice in one week, must be getting good at :o)

Its taken a while but I'm back

My first craft fair stall

Hi to all my followers. After a long time off blogging I have eventually taken some pictures and am putting a few words down.

But first things first. A massive big thank you to my girlfriend for putting up with me trying to get things right, dropping glass on the floor, taking up our special spare time with setting the glass kiln going and a big sorry for scorching her new kitchen work surface. oops sorry love.

I have decided to specialise in pendants, mainly made from dichroic glass but some are recycled glass. We had a few months of scratching my ever receeding hair line but I thing I'm getting their.

I have even had my very first craft fair last week. It was a long day but very fruitful and am planning a further 2 before christmas.

You can actually check out some i've put on my etsy shop.


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