50 Shades of Grey

Well that title got your attention LOL. 
You have probably read or are about to read or know someone who has read this mentioned best selling book, 50 Shades Of Grey. On my last kiln firing I decided to make a streaky grey background pendant. I haven't got round to seeing if there is 50 shades but it wouldn't be far off LOL. ooops sorry for the disappointment :o(
The bright and vibrant colours have been kiln fired onto a streaky grey background glass (hence the connection) and looks quite stunning.

These three picture are all slightly different pictures of the same Pendant. I am trying to show how the colours change with differing lights (not succeeding very well I here you say, photography lesson needed. LOL). As you can see it has three inclusions of dichroic glass and these inclusions are made up in a mosaic style.
If you would like to see more of my sparkling creations, take a look at my website or click the shop button above. Hope you see something you like but if not then please return occasionally as I design and make every week and always have jewellery to list.
Thanks for reading and I hope the enjoyed my 50 Shades of grey pendant.

Dichroic Pendants with Decals

Quite a while ago I bought a few decals to be fired onto my dichroic glass pendants. I have just got around to having a go with them. After a few experimental attempts I managed to do just two that I was happy with (I expect there will be more to follow :o))
This picture shows a beautiful tree of life fired onto a multi-coloured background.
The colours are a lot brighter in real life, it was taken like this to show off the decal.
You can see this and more of my jewellery creations at Steve Smith Jewellery
Hope to post again with new design soon.

Design Collaboration from Lonely Soldier Design and Steve Smith Jewellery

What a brilliant holiday we had in Glastonbury this year. Lots of relaxing coffee's, cakes and us time. In between all this hectic relaxing we even managed to visit the opening night of the Glastonbury Art Collective show. Loads of great art in all media ranging from pottery to silk painted dresses and within all these creations was this wonderful twisted wire jewellery by James Ferris of Lonely Soldier Design and owner of Minerva Beads and Gems.

This next picture shows off his work beautifully.

Well of course we got chatting outside and I mentioned that I made Kiln Fired Glass Jewellery and that was it a great connection of two like minded people began. James mentioned that he has been looking for a collaboration with a glass artist for some time but couldn't find one suitable or able to meet his needs. And quite a few hours later we decided to meet up at his shop Minerva Beads and Gems in Glastonbury later on that week. At this point I would just like to apologise to my wonderful lovely partner Sue of Inspired By Script, who had to put up with us two jabbering on about the endless design possibilities for all that time.
The last day of our holiday we spent in Glastonbury, well that's not quite true. The first half of the day was spent at my glass supplier about 40 minutes away (second trip that week) oooops sorry Sue. Once we got back into Glastonbury we visited James in his shop and carried on talking about jewellery and the collaboration idea. (poor Sue). And here we are the two designers outside the shop.

I actually had a few pieces of my jewellery on me at the time and left a nice red with inclusions pendant with James to have a go and see what he comes up with.
I waited what seemed like an eternity but about a week or so later the collaboration was complete and he posted the finished pendant on Facebook and Pinterest. The joint design of my glass and his wire design skills made this pendant go from looking sparkly good to outstandingly beautiful.
And here it is, the finished 1st collaboration piece of Lonely Soldier Designs and Steve Smith Jewellery.

Absolutely stunning if  I say so myself.

Dragon eye bracelets or Cats Eye Bracelets

I just couldn't decide what to call these. Cats or Dragons Eye Bracelets.
The titles fit both so I will leave it up to you to decide. :o)
I made one of these ages ago but never got around to maker more until now.

My full range of these can be found and bought by clicking here website or clicking on the shop button above. I have designed them in different colours so if you like them there should be a colour that suits you.
Thank you

End of Year Teacher or Friend Gifts

The end of the school year is very soon, have you been looking for that unique affordable gift for your teacher or friend? 
These dichroic glass stud earrings are all one of a kind and are set on solid silver posts with solid silver butterfly backs. 
Gift a unique set for as little as £5 + p&p. The glass is designed and hand cut by me in our studio in Northallerton. If you would like to order a set for your leaving day then please click on the shop button above which will take you to my jewellery website. Here there is a large selection of colours and designs to suit all tastes. Order quickly as the end of school year approaches fast.

Thank you

Photographing Dichroic Glass, to flash or not to flash.

Photographing Dichroic Glass.
To flash or not to flash, that is the question.
Here's a post for all you budding David Bailey's of the world. It has always a problem photographing shiny glass jewellery. The reflections are a nightmare and the colours can be so far off you wonder whether its the same piece of jewellery.
The two following pictures show the difference in one variable only. To flash or not to flash!
The first one has quite muted colours and does not show off the real sparkle affect of dichroic glass.
Whilst the second shows a great sparkle but the colours are still not quite right and the glass reflects the white flash. 
I have tried all manner of gadgets, both bought and home made to take the best pictures. I think there are just too many variables on different days. That's with the lighting conditions and my condition. lol.
If anyone has any useful idea's on how to photograph dichroic glass please feel free in commenting on this blog. As I read all comments and usually answer them within a day or two.
Ow yes, this 3" x 3" fired glass has been cut into pendant sized piece's to be fired again. The outcome of this will be posted in a few days.

Calling all knitters, A unique blue Dichroic Glass Button

I have been trying lately to be involved with other crafting folk who can use Dichroic Cabochons on there creations. I have dabbled in make buttons before but got side tracked, as I do on many occasions when creating.
I have had another chance at designing and making these and once again they look stunning. The on I am showing here is about 24mm at its widest point an has a beautiful crinkled blue look. The surface is glossy smooth and would look great of someones hand made creation.

Here it is at four different angles

 As always, the picture show the glass as best as possible but the colours are far more vivid in real life.
You can see my button creations by clicking here and my jewellery can be seen by clicking the shop button above.


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