Hand Made Dichroic Glass Bracelets,

Hi to all my readers.

I recently had a amazing idea of seeing my dichroic glass designs on silver bracelets. So off I went and purchased some bracelet blanks and started experimenting. Once again, a few mistakes occurred before I was totally happy with the outcome.
As you can see from the pictures below. These look beautiful and would look great at any occasion.

The two pictures above are of the same bracelet and show just how beautiful the glass can look from different aspects.

This one is one of my favourites, the sparkling dichroic glass looks stunning on this wide type bracelet. I am so pleased with the look of these finished bracelets and am so looking forward to making more of them.

All these bracelets are adjustable and made from silver plated copper with my unique dichroic glass designs. They are £15 each plus £2 UK P&P or £4 worldwide P£P you can treat yourself or a loved one by contacting me on stevesmithartist@yaoo.co.uk and I will email you a few pictures for you to choose from.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my latest sharp learning curve in jewellery making. Please pass on to all your friends and family. Take care :o)

Hand Made Dichroic Glass Stud Earrings

Hi All.
Like I said in previous blog posts, people asked about stud and drop earrings. Well I went away, experimented quite a bit more and came up with my idea of stylish and glitzy stud earrings. This started by cutting the glass into very small pieces and laying them on top of each other.

Then working out what firing temperature to do these at so the different glass types and thicknesses all come out the kiln at the same time.

Then I match the colours up to make pairs because they don't always come out as I thought because my old kiln has hot spots that I have to allow for, these hot spots can alter the colour outcome.

When cooled these are then glued to 925 solid silver earring post and attached with 925 solid silver butterfly backs and then presented in a glitzy fuchsia coloured box.

As you can see the finished stud earrings set in their own presentation boxes look stunning even though photographs don't do them justice.

If anyone is interested in the stud earrings at £5 per pair or any of my other jewellery creations then please contact me on steve_walter_smith@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon :o)

Hand Made Dichroic Glass Drop Earrings

Further to the request for stud earrings I've managed to successfully design and make drop earrings. These look absolutely stunning and are hung on 925 solid silver ear wires. The reason for using solid silver was because of peoples allergic reactions to the cheaper version of ear wires containing nickel based metals which as all sensitive people know can be very uncomfortable.

After many attemps and a lot of trial and error with matching shapes, colours and the overall feel. The finished pieces then had to be matched in pairs, this was a lot harder than first thought as with any hand made items any slight differences only adds to the appeal and uniqueness.

I am really pleased with the results and they are selling really well at £10 per pair.

If you are interested in any of my jewellery then please contact me on steve_walter_smith@yahoo.co.uk if you have any colour preferences I can e-mail a photograph of what I have in stock. Payment can be made by Paypal. All P&P to UK addresses is a flat rate of £2 per parcel and fpr worldwide it's £4.

National Open Farm Day-Roots Farm, Eat Rounton, Northalleton.

Hi readers.

Just thought I should do a catch up post because as with all creators, the act of creating is far more easier than telling everyone about what your up to. Well for the past couple of months I have made lots of new designs, learnt much more about how to work the glass into what I want and I even decided to re brand my work. As the boxes I had did not really fit into the glitzy style of jewellery that I specialise in.

As you can see (well almost) in this picture. They are actually an amazing fuchsia colour and really glitzy. I think with the dichroic glass that I mainly use go great with these new boxes and I am so chuffed to see them on show.

I do get requests for different things and colours and have managed to fulfill most requests, although some are harder than others. When I kiln fire the chosen glass, it quite often changes colour. One thing I do get asked for is the pendants to be hung on silver chain. So, I went away and looked into this idea. What a choice I found, chains of all types, sizes, designs and the cost of these are so expensive for quality I would have to more than double the price of the ten pound they sell for now. As I see it, these are already hung on a beautifully soft velvet type thick cord with nickel free clasps and the addition of a silver chain would only increase the price and would not make them anymore beautiful than they already are. Also, most people have a spare chain in their jewellery box at home and it's quite easy to swap the cord over.

Talking about showing off my designs I just recently took part in the national open farm event at Roots Farm, East Roundton, Northallerton . It was a great day with loads going on from helicopter rides to hog roasts. The sun shone and people kept coming, the craft market was bustling with people from all walks of life. I will definitely support the event again as all the entrance and stall fee's were donated to a charity for orphaned and sick children in Uganda.

Picture taken at Roots Open Farm Event

Well its getting a bit late now so that all for now folks. I will try and add more frequently for my readers, honestly!!!! Bye :o)


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