A Cremation Pendant, Edmund Skellings Florida's Poet Laureate. Part 2

OK. Edmund turned up at the studio about 4 weeks ago. 
A small amount of Edmund's cremains were accepted and welcomed into England and our studio from Diane in the USA.
I felt highly honoured to have the poet laureate of Florida sit before me in a small parcel.
I had already spoken to Diane (the customer) and she had decided on the colour, size and basic design. The rest was left up to me.
Streaky green glass was chosen so I got the cutters out and off we went on a bit of a roller coaster ride. 
Trying to get Edmund to behave in the glass was something of a trial. Putting any inclusion in fused glass can be a bit hit and miss but when ever I do a cremation piece it always goes a bit more a rye. And Edmund did not fall short on this, his rye sense of humour kept me on my toes but after the third attempt the initial stage of the pendant was finished.
Just to let readers know what sort of shenanigans Edmund was playing at. I had cabochons crack and break up and one had a bubble the size of a small party balloon.
Anyway, I could go on but the one thing you must remember when you read about the failed attempts is, I love doing this work, in fact it's not work at all.
Diane also wanted a twisted tree of life image fired in to the glass. The correct size image was chosen and placed on the Cabochon. 
I was pretty happy with the pre fired look so the glass cabochon complete with Edmund and the twisted tree of life went back in to the kiln for his final firing.
and now for a couple of pictures:

Edmund Skellings PendantEdmund Skellings Pendant

 I also offer a heart design in the rear of the pendant of cremains. this also caused me no end of trouble (Edmund strikes again). But with a bit of jiggery pokery, the end design looked great.
That's about it really, apart from one more little detail to my service for Diane.
Whilst getting to know Edmund and for that matter Diane, it comes about that a lot of his formal training was Shakespearean and as my family only live about 12 miles away from Stratford on Avon. I offered to scatter his last remains near The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford on Avon. Diane was delighted with this idea so in the new year I will be taking a slight detour when travelling back home from my family.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this update about the Edmund Skellings Cremation Pendant. Having read about Edmund and watched him on you tube, I could go on about his character and his life time  achievements but far better writer and researchers have done that already. If you need to know more then just google his name.
Thanks again and 

R.I.P. Edmund Skellings 

Hand crafted, solid silver pendant with dichroic glass cabochon

OK. Here's the latest solid silver, dichroic glass pendant. It measures about 3/4 inch. The silver is 925 silver although not stamped.

This piece is totally unique and could be yours for 
£25 plus £3 p&p
To order please contact me on
Stevesmithjewellery@yahoo. Co.UK
See other designs at
Www.Steve smith jewellery.co.uk

A Cremation Pendant, Edmund Skellings Florida's Poet Laureate. Part 1

This may sound a bit strange to some but I have recently been asked to design and make another cremation pendant and I am really looking forward to it.

The customer, a good friend for many years of 
Edmund Skellings, Florida's Poet Laureate.

I have not received the cremains as yet but he will be with me soon, I'm sure. 
So this is probably blog post 1 of 2 post I will be doing.  The second post will be a much fuller story of the making and creation of a unique cremation pendant.

Here I have tried to condense his life into a few lines. Because if I list all in detail I might be writing for quite a few weeks.

Edmund Skellings
born March 12th 1932 in Ludlow, Massachusetts.

Listen to the voice and watch the graphics, rather beautiful I think.

Edmund recorded his first book in 1962 (the year I was born) called Duels and Duets and by the late 60's he had come up with his own way of poetry. 
An Electronic Poet.
By the late 70's he had bought his first computer and and had patents for many computer programs.
Computers became a very large part of his life, this ran side by side with his poetry. Spoken word supporting electronic word and Visa verse.
In 1980, he was given a lifetime  Honor of  
Poet Laureate for Florida against a competition of 400 other poets.

I think at this point I am just going to list his major achievements. As any life story, no matter how condensed is very complicated with lots of date and happenings.

1962 The Comma Cat
1962 Duels and Duets
1963 The marriage Fire
1965 Heart Attacks
1977 Face Value
1978 Showing my Age
1987 Living Proof
1998 Collection Poems

1961 Duels and Duets
1963 The Marriage Fire
1973 Ultra-Red
1977 Nearly the Millennium
1997 Selected Poems
2002 Words Songs

I would love to expand on all these recordings and poems, write more about his life but this is just a short post to give you an idea of what Edmund accomplished in his life.

Look out for part two of this story of Edmund's Cremation Pendant.

RIP Edmund Skellings August 19th 2012

Thanks you reading

Christmas Craft Fair at Roots Farm Shop and Cafe.

WOW, what a great day had by all at Roots Farm Shop and Cafe. It was the day before St Jude struck the South of the country and the wind was already picking up.
That didn't stop the crowds coming out to support this great event. They started coming in about 9:50am and didn't really stop until about 3:30pm.
The tables were a bit cramped in and at one point I saw my lovely partner Sue of 
crawl under the table to get out from behind our stall.
Christmas Craft FairChristmas Craft Fair
Like I said, loads of people buying lovely hand crafted goods for the festive season.
Christmas Craft FairChristmas Craft Fair
As usual, here are a few pictures of our stall, smaller tables than usual but we managed,
Christmas Craft FairChristmas Craft Fair
Thank you also goes out to Anne of Roots Farm Shop and Cafe for her organisational skills, customers and friends that turned up.

Music themed fashion pendant jewellery

Here is one of the latest musically themed pendant I have designed and made.
It measures about 1"1/2" x 3/4" (plus the silver plated bail).
Made from dichroic glass, fired in the kiln and hand finished.
Yours for only £15 plus £2 p&p
To order please contact me via email at
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New Butterfly design Pendant

A new pendant design straight from the studio.
A gorgeous dichroic glass pendant with beautiful butterfly image fired into the glass.
Yours for only £15 plus £2 p&p
To order please contact me via email at

Thanks for stopping by and having a look

The mysterious Cat Pendant. Fashion jewellery.

Just a short post this time. Here is the latest in the Catitude range of pendants.
This fashion pendant measures approximately 1"1/2" plus the bail.
£15 plus £2 p&p UK delivery.
Can be postage worldwide, please ask.
To order, contact me via email at 

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A short story! The Making of Dichroic Glass Hair Barrettes.

Here goes.......
A short story of how I make Dichroic Glass Hair Barrettes.
First things first, pick a selection of different coloured dichroic glass sheets and cut into 5/16" x 2"3/8" pieces. Then cut matching Tekta glass to make the pieces thick enough for the fusing process.
Set all the pieces out on a kiln washed firing tile. Yes, nicely regimented and possibly a bit OCD at this point.
Then, carefully place in the cool kiln, making sure no pieces of glass has slipped. This final check of the unfused glass is is very important as once the temperature starts rising in the kiln, it's a bit late to be sticking your hands in to adjust something you have just spotted. Trust me, I know from experience LOL. As you can see from the first picture of the closed kiln, it was a warm day as the ambient temperature was 17 degree centigrade.
These two pictures show the kiln at full fusing temperature. After the holding time the door was opened very slightly to crash cool the glass to about 370 degrees centigrade. Then closed again to anneal for about 20 minutes. The door was then opened again, very slightly as I did not want any temperature shock to shatter the glass and left to cool to room temperature.
Once the kiln had cooled. The glass could be seen in all it's sparkling glory.
These long thin dichroic glass cabochon are to be glued onto these convex hair clips.
And what you see in the kiln are very flat cabochons.
  How to bend glass very simply.
I have a small square of copper, about 4" square which I curve to the same curvature as the hair clips. 
Not sure if it's necessary but I then apply 5 coats of kiln wash, drying each coat before then next one is applied. I added this kiln wash as I really don't want these cabochon stuck to anything.

A very strong coffee was introduced at this point to steady my hands. With steady hands I laid the flat cabochons on the former and placed them in the kiln for the slumping process.

Out of the kiln they came slumped nicely into the convex shape that I needed for these hair barrettes.

Whilst I was waiting for the kiln to finish I managed to glue a few pairs of Bobbin Hair clips as well. I know what you thinking, a man multi-tasking. 
What can I say, I'm a new man. LOL 

And here you are. Slumped cabochons glued onto the hair clips with E6000 glue and all lined up drying. I have to wait about 48 hours for this glue to set fully so these will be on display cards and ready for selling in a few days

If you would like to see other designs then click on my website link.

The very latest designs are usually place of Facebook first as this is the quickest.
Thanks for taking time out to read my latest blog post and hope you visit again.
Steve :o)

Entwined Tree of Life Pendant. NOW SOLD.

The concept of the tree of life has been used in
science, religion, philosophy and mythology.
It's a common motif in various theologies, mythologies and philosophies.
Alluding to the interactions of all life in many culture.
A sacred tree, adored by many and ever lasting in the thoughts of
people throughout the world.

I love make all my jewellery
but the one that really floats my boat is the
Tree of Life Pendants.
I find this such a powerful symbol and when two are entwined it's even better.
This pendant was made using top quality green glass and the image fired into the
surface of the pendant. The symbology carried this colour glass really well, in my opinion.

To order (£15 plus £2 p&p)   Now sold. please contact me via email at
or visit and like my page on Facebook at
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Solid Silver new design hand crafted jewellery.

OK. What does a jewellery maker do when confronted with a Silver chain, bail, strip of oval silver, silver solder and a gas torch ow yes and some dichroic glass. 
Well that's easy. 
First of all, I bent the silver strip into a ring shape and soldered the ends together using the great little blow torch bought from Sainsburys. Cleaned this up by hand with very fine grit emery paper (i think it was 1000 grit) then got the solid silver bail and dichroic glass cabochon and glued, using E6000 glue, all three pieces together. Hung on a 16 inch silver chain and 
here's the finished jewellery. 

Solid Silver new design hand crafted jewellery.

Not my normal design so pricing was a bit tricky. 
Tacking into account the amount of silver and the dichroic glass I came up with a price of 
£35 plus £5 p&p.
If you would like to order this truly unique piece then please contact me via email at stevesmithjewellery@yahoo.co.uk
Thanks for stopping by and having a read and hope you come back soon.
Steve :-)

Unique Fashion Christmas Tree Pendant.

OK! I know if feels like ages away but people have asked for Festive seasonal jewellery. Never doing Festive jewellery before, I thought. I'll give it a go then. 
What is one of the most iconic images? 
The first thing I thought of was, yes you guessed it, 
a Christmas Tree.

And there you go. A couple of Christmas Tree fashion Pendants. To order these at £15 each plus £2 p&p please contact me via email at:
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Ideal present. Unique scarf clip.

My sister Pam recently asked for a scarf clip for her works uniform. Well, what can I say. I just love a challenge. I knew I had some scarf blanks hanging around somewhere. After a bit of a rummage, yeay found them. The problem with these type of blanks is the glass cabochon has to fit in a setting and not just on a pad. A bit of guessing and judgement as to what size and shape I should cut the glass I gave it my best shot and here is the outcome.Guess what? Pam loves it :o).
Whilst I was cutting Pam's cabochon my mind was wondering onto doing another one. This time I did not have any restraints on colour or design. So, I though a hand ground eye cabochon would look great in this setting. After a bit more judging what size to cut the glass. I complete it and put it in the kiln with Pam's. A couple of hours later, the kiln door was opened and with a sigh of relief the cabochons fitted the setting.
As always the picture never show the true gorgeous colour of glass but you get the idea of it.
 If you would like to order the Eye Scarf Clip cost £15 plus £2 p&p then please email me at:

You can see more designs at:

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Libra Pendant Fashion Jewellery

Hiya. thanks for stopping by to read my blog. This is just a short one to show off my latest Zodiac designs for the star sign of Libra.
And here you are:

Similar colours as these are quite strong in this Zodiac sign but the image is slightly bigger in the right hand one.
Please contact me to order via email at:
If you would like to see more of my zodiac designs then click the following link
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Great affordable gift ideas, unique presents and more!

I just love making this jewellery and this time I thought I should show my readers some earrings a Pendant and a bracelet in beautiful sparkling Dichroic Glass. 
As always with this type of glass it just doesn't show off the true colours that these hold. 
Great gift ideas for that someone special! 
prices on my shop page start at £6 plus P&P. The ones you see here are £15 for the drop earrings, £6 for the stud earrings, £15 for the Pendant and £15 for the bracelet plus £3 P&P.

The drop earrings measure approximately 5/8" x 1/2", the stud earrings measure approximately 3/8" and all my earrings are attached to 925 solid silver. The bails on the pendants are silver plated (nickel and zinc free) and this bracelet is gold plated on copper. The pendant can be supplied with a free 16" (approx) velvet style cord with adjustable chain end with lobster catch.
My jewellery is always supplied in presentation boxes or bags.
You can see more of my jewellery by clicking on the shop button above or by clicking here.

A gorgeously sparkling dichric glass pendant. Only £10 plus £2 postage and packing. Pl ase contact me vie email at Stevesmithjeweller@yahoo.co.UK


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