Fashion Jewellery Hair Clips

I have recently taught myself how to bend glass in the kiln. I was like a cat that got the cream :o)
I decided to put this new talent to good use and designed and made a few hair clips. The dichroic glass measures about 2" long and are set on sprung hair clips. These make beautiful hair jewellery and being unique a must for that extra special touch to your outfit.

As you can see, these sell for £15 each plus £3 p&p
You can order via my contact details here:
take a look on my website at
for more designs and creations from the studio of
Steve Smith Jewellery

New Dichroic Glass Fashion jewellery bracelets

I have just listed a few new dichroic glass cabochon fashion bracelet designs on my website. 
Here's a taster for you....

All my bracelets for designed and made by me in our studio in North Yorkshire, England. 
They are all price at £15 plus del.
You can order though my website using paypal alternatively
 contact me directly if you don't have a paypal account at
Thanks for reading and hope by again soon.
Steve :o)

Zentangle becomes Dichroic Glass Fashion Jewellery

When Zentangle becomes Dichroic Glass Fashion Jewellery.

I was introduced to Zentangle art a couple of years ago through a friend on Facebook. At the time I thought, oooow now that would look nice on my Dichroic glass Fashion Jewellery. 
It's taken me this long to get around to doing something with this idea but I got there in the end.
It happened quite by accident.
Whilst searching the web for some new decals to fire into my designs I came across a company that did porcelain works. After trawling through lots of twee pictures of scenery and chocolate box scenes I came across this Zentangle design which sparked my old grey matter again on the Zentangle Fashion Jewellery Pendants 
Well I just had to have a go at these.

This picture shows a small section of the Zentangle design.

The following four pictures show the initial fired cabochons of 
dichroic glass in my chosen colours. 
Ow yes, there are a couple of extra ones that will stay as they are 
because I just loved the silvery sparkling nature of them.

 Once I had chosen and cut the part of the Zentangle design that I thought would look best on these colours. The pendants complete with design then had a second firing. 
Once cooled and out of the kiln I was amazed at the outcome. 
They are gorgeous, if I say so myself LOL.

 And here are just a few of the finished designs with pendant bails attached and waiting for there new owners.

These and more designs will be listed on my web site as soon as I can but you can find these and lots more on my Facebook page. I have two prices for my pendants. £15 for a pendant with a decal fired into it and £10 without decal, these prices may change in the future and p&p to the UK is £2
 and to the rest of the world is £5.

Thanks for reading, if you have time. Take a look at some of my other posts. There are funny ones, daft ones serious ones and posts where I just wanted to post.

Steve :o)

Another design from the Fashion jewellery maker Steve Smith Jewellery


A beautiful white fairy with butterflies pendant. Approx 1"1/4" x 7/8" order this for £15 plus £2 p&p by contacting me here or via Facebook or via email at
Thanks for looking and come back soon to see new listings.
Steve :o)

Dragon eye, Triple Moon Goddess and Moon Gazing Hare Pendants

Some of the jewellery I have designed and made using a 
Dremel 300, flexi cord and diamond tip.
I do sometimes go off on a different path, not for long but just to have a go. And quite often I get the Dremel out, attach the flexi cord with a small diamond cutter and have a go at grinding some images in the dichroic glass before firing them.

 Here are a few of my designs. A Dragons Eye and A Triple Moon Goddess.
All of these and more can be found on my Facebook page at
There lots of albums to look through from Mosaic Pendants to Picture Pendants and Glass Stud Earrings to Hair Clips. All unique and made by me, in my studio of Sue Simpson of

I am sure the Dremel will reappear again soon as I have many design ideas in my head that I just never get time to do. Really must get a book and jot them down.

Thanks for reading and I hope you call back soon
Steve :o)


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