One of my latest creations

I recently experimented on placing different types of dichroic glass on other types of dichroic glass and came up with some very unusual pieces. Here is just one of them:

You can see a few more pictures of this on my ETSY shop and see how to buy. I just wish I could take pictures that shows the colours as they are. The purple and silver sparkles and shines beyond they camera's capabilities.

Hope you like what you see.

New and unique bracelets

I have just listed my latest creations on my etsy shop

With these new pieces I have used 925 sterling silver bracelets that I attached my dichroic glass cabochon on. You can see the beautiful style of the silver and the gorgeous colours of the dichroic cabochon go really well together.

I am sure that these bracelets wont take long to be appreciated by someone who knows quality and how unique these are.

Here's a couple of pictures just to get you tantalised:

I think they look stunning, but I suppose I would say that. Take a look at my shop where there are more pictures of these and see what you think yourself.


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