For safety's sake!!!

Just a quick note about safety for my fellow kiln firing crafters.

It was recently brought to my attention that the orange/red heat view from a open kiln can be very dangerous to the eyes, even at distance. Its called infrared light (IR).

So, I started to have a look on various glass supply site for a set. I nearly fell off my chair when I sore the price, £34 for a pair of safety spec's, there having a laugh.....After another bit of research I found out they are safety glasses that are called flash safety glasses and I found a pair for £8 from Midland-Moto on ebay. A great service and they came with 48 hours and well packaged.

Here are the said glass and then some very strange photo's of me wearing the stylish accessory that all glass crafter should wear.

OOOPS!!!! sorry for putting you though any trauma from looking at these picture but I am always up for a laugh.

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