One of my latest creations

I recently experimented on placing different types of dichroic glass on other types of dichroic glass and came up with some very unusual pieces. Here is just one of them:

You can see a few more pictures of this on my ETSY shop and see how to buy. I just wish I could take pictures that shows the colours as they are. The purple and silver sparkles and shines beyond they camera's capabilities.

Hope you like what you see.

New and unique bracelets

I have just listed my latest creations on my etsy shop

With these new pieces I have used 925 sterling silver bracelets that I attached my dichroic glass cabochon on. You can see the beautiful style of the silver and the gorgeous colours of the dichroic cabochon go really well together.

I am sure that these bracelets wont take long to be appreciated by someone who knows quality and how unique these are.

Here's a couple of pictures just to get you tantalised:

I think they look stunning, but I suppose I would say that. Take a look at my shop where there are more pictures of these and see what you think yourself.

Dragon Eye Bracelet SOLD

For my next bracelet design I decided to try and make a bracelet with Dragon Eyes. Quite a few tests later and here is what I have come up with.

The bracelet is silver plated copper and can be adjusted for different wrist sizes and the eyes are dichroic glass. This looks a stunning piece of jewellery and would look great on any ones wrist.

Because this is on silver plate then the price is only £15 plus £2 P&P. If you want to own this unique jewellery then e-mail me on Payment can be by Paypal, Cheque or postal order.

Hand Made Dichroic Glass Bracelets,

Hi to all my readers.

I recently had a amazing idea of seeing my dichroic glass designs on silver bracelets. So off I went and purchased some bracelet blanks and started experimenting. Once again, a few mistakes occurred before I was totally happy with the outcome.
As you can see from the pictures below. These look beautiful and would look great at any occasion.

The two pictures above are of the same bracelet and show just how beautiful the glass can look from different aspects.

This one is one of my favourites, the sparkling dichroic glass looks stunning on this wide type bracelet. I am so pleased with the look of these finished bracelets and am so looking forward to making more of them.

All these bracelets are adjustable and made from silver plated copper with my unique dichroic glass designs. They are £15 each plus £2 UK P&P or £4 worldwide P£P you can treat yourself or a loved one by contacting me on and I will email you a few pictures for you to choose from.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my latest sharp learning curve in jewellery making. Please pass on to all your friends and family. Take care :o)

Hand Made Dichroic Glass Stud Earrings

Hi All.
Like I said in previous blog posts, people asked about stud and drop earrings. Well I went away, experimented quite a bit more and came up with my idea of stylish and glitzy stud earrings. This started by cutting the glass into very small pieces and laying them on top of each other.

Then working out what firing temperature to do these at so the different glass types and thicknesses all come out the kiln at the same time.

Then I match the colours up to make pairs because they don't always come out as I thought because my old kiln has hot spots that I have to allow for, these hot spots can alter the colour outcome.

When cooled these are then glued to 925 solid silver earring post and attached with 925 solid silver butterfly backs and then presented in a glitzy fuchsia coloured box.

As you can see the finished stud earrings set in their own presentation boxes look stunning even though photographs don't do them justice.

If anyone is interested in the stud earrings at £5 per pair or any of my other jewellery creations then please contact me on

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon :o)

Hand Made Dichroic Glass Drop Earrings

Further to the request for stud earrings I've managed to successfully design and make drop earrings. These look absolutely stunning and are hung on 925 solid silver ear wires. The reason for using solid silver was because of peoples allergic reactions to the cheaper version of ear wires containing nickel based metals which as all sensitive people know can be very uncomfortable.

After many attemps and a lot of trial and error with matching shapes, colours and the overall feel. The finished pieces then had to be matched in pairs, this was a lot harder than first thought as with any hand made items any slight differences only adds to the appeal and uniqueness.

I am really pleased with the results and they are selling really well at £10 per pair.

If you are interested in any of my jewellery then please contact me on if you have any colour preferences I can e-mail a photograph of what I have in stock. Payment can be made by Paypal. All P&P to UK addresses is a flat rate of £2 per parcel and fpr worldwide it's £4.

National Open Farm Day-Roots Farm, Eat Rounton, Northalleton.

Hi readers.

Just thought I should do a catch up post because as with all creators, the act of creating is far more easier than telling everyone about what your up to. Well for the past couple of months I have made lots of new designs, learnt much more about how to work the glass into what I want and I even decided to re brand my work. As the boxes I had did not really fit into the glitzy style of jewellery that I specialise in.

As you can see (well almost) in this picture. They are actually an amazing fuchsia colour and really glitzy. I think with the dichroic glass that I mainly use go great with these new boxes and I am so chuffed to see them on show.

I do get requests for different things and colours and have managed to fulfill most requests, although some are harder than others. When I kiln fire the chosen glass, it quite often changes colour. One thing I do get asked for is the pendants to be hung on silver chain. So, I went away and looked into this idea. What a choice I found, chains of all types, sizes, designs and the cost of these are so expensive for quality I would have to more than double the price of the ten pound they sell for now. As I see it, these are already hung on a beautifully soft velvet type thick cord with nickel free clasps and the addition of a silver chain would only increase the price and would not make them anymore beautiful than they already are. Also, most people have a spare chain in their jewellery box at home and it's quite easy to swap the cord over.

Talking about showing off my designs I just recently took part in the national open farm event at Roots Farm, East Roundton, Northallerton . It was a great day with loads going on from helicopter rides to hog roasts. The sun shone and people kept coming, the craft market was bustling with people from all walks of life. I will definitely support the event again as all the entrance and stall fee's were donated to a charity for orphaned and sick children in Uganda.

Picture taken at Roots Open Farm Event

Well its getting a bit late now so that all for now folks. I will try and add more frequently for my readers, honestly!!!! Bye :o)

I have just realised its been so long since I have blogged. Well here's a update for all my readers.

After having a bit of a washout out the last craft fair I went away and licked my wounds and came out stronger and better for it. It is now obvious to me that it doesn't matter whats being sold inside a venue if that venue is not on a thorough fare then no people will come in. Very simple but expensive lesson. Since the last time I blogged I have moved into my lovely girlfriends house in Northallerton. She is a creator as well, she is a Calligrapher and lettering artist of high standing. You can see her work on Sue has so much to give, it always amazes me.

Well, back to the move. All went well, even the weather was sunny for a change and after two trips 48 years of collected junk was moved some 40 miles. I am now well and truly settle in and my craft seems to be spreading through the house. oooops sorry Sue. lol. Now back on track with the jewellery making. I have concentrated on earrings, studs and hanging ones. These seem to be very popular, especially when matched with the pendants. I have also reorganised my website a bit better. Why don't you take a look at and see what you think. My next craft fair is be held this weekend (9th and 10th April) at The Guildhall, York. This is a beautiful old building that is situated in the heart of York so custom will be much better. The people organising this event is and so far they seem to be well organised. I'll let you know after the weekend..... Here's a little picture taken at a works event just to give some the idea of what my stand looks like. Hope you all enjoyed my recent rantings. Hopefully will blog soon. Take care of yourselves and I might see you at the craft fairs. BYE :o)

Customer shortfall

Hi All.

Well that was a bit of a washout for customers. My first sales event in York and although all the ingredients where there for a great day, the footfall was very low. There was some great stalls and the people were really nice. It was just the wrong venue an the wrong side of the river.
Never mind, these things to come try us and make us better for the future.

My next event is held again in York but this time it is a central location on the 9th and 10th of April at the Guild Hall. We should see alot more customers on that weekend.

Once I have downloaded some pictures for the weekend just gone I will post them here.

Ow and by the way. The new earrings designs were a great success, result.

Speak to you all soon

Things are happening, fast!!!

Hi everyone.

Hope you are all well and enjoying what Sun there is. When the Sun shines it really inspires creativity in all forms.

Just letting you know that I have a Fashion and Lifestyle Bazaar this Saturday 5th March at The Park Inn, North Street, York.
If any of my readers are around come in and take a look or if you cannot make it pass the information on as its going to be a great day with lots of fashion to choose from.

My wonderful girlfriend, best friend and muse has created a new business postcard to pass on to retail outlets. She is so talented :o) thank you Sue.

and ere it is......

Stunning don't you think?

Well I hope to see lots of people this Saturday and if you read my blog then please introduce yourself to me.

Hope we all have a great March :o)

Requests for stud earrings.

Hi All.

Well I completed my 2 hour solo craft event and it went really well. Sold a few and chatted to some really nice people. There was only one man that was panic buying for his valentine. ooops but I sorted him out a beautiful long tear drop sparkly pendant.

One thing that did come out of the show was that quite a few people wanted earrings. So the challenge was on. To start off I have had a go at making stud earrings and drop earrings will follow when I get the findings.

Here are just a few pictures of me being creative making my first sets of stud earrings. Ow yes, I think I need more nimble fingers for doing these. hahahahaha

Close up of my rainbow effect earrings. Although I say it myself. There gorgeous!!!!!

My handmade gluing board. One small problem with this was if too much glue was applied then they stuck to the board. Ooooops there goes my sharp learning curve again.

And the creator in action, well trying to look the part anyway. lol

Once these are paired up and boxed I will be listing them on my website, Steve Smith Jewellery
and also with be putting some on my etsy shop: Steve Smith Art

I am now just building stock for the craft season, first one is on the 5th March at Park Inn Hotel, North Street, York. This is a fashion and lifestyle Bazaar so hopefully my jewellery will fit in perfectly.

So if any of my readers are interested in buying pendants at £10 each and stud earrings at £5 a pair (drop earrings to follow) then you can contact me directly through this blog or go through my website (Steve Smith Jewellery ) or etsy shop (Steve Smith Art).

Hope you enjoyed this update and I will keep you informed as and when things happen.

See you for now :o)

Craft Event

Hi everyone.

After much deliberation I am starting my new spring collection this weekend and will show them for the first time at a two hour solo craft table at work on Monday 14th Feb. I will be posting pictures as soon as I get the chance.
Lets hope they go down well.

Bye bye for now.

Craft Event at DEFRA

Hi all.

My website is up and running although still needs a bit of tweaking.

I have just panicked book a 2 hour craft table at work and after booking it thought, omg I ain't ready for it so I've had quite a few late nights and a few more is likely.

Having just got in some beautiful spring colour glass I will be kilning this weekend to my hearts content. Really must invest in a bigger kiln, that would make my life so much easier.

Well here's the quickly put together poster for my works event and if any work colleagues see this and are available. Pop down and have a look. Get that something special for your loved one or just treat yourself.

Hope to see lots of people there.

My new website

Excellent, my new website has just gone live

although there is still quite a bit to do on it. Just need a few more hours in the day or an extra day a week would be nice. Loads of pictures to take, buying basket to do, a profile piece and the biggest thank you to my girlfriend. She makes everything look do-able. Thank you Sue. Amonst other things you are my muse my inspiration.

Latest Pendants

Here are some of my latest creations using dichroic glass with silver plate bails and lobster clasps all hung on beautiful 18" (approx) soft velvet type cord.These sell quite quick so if you are interested then drop me a line and I can tape payment by paypal and post to anywhere in the world. Just select the tray number followed by the row letter and then count fro the left.

e.g. Tray 1 B 2

Hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them.

Hope to have some more listed soon.

you can see some of my work for sale at


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