Ideal present. Unique scarf clip.

My sister Pam recently asked for a scarf clip for her works uniform. Well, what can I say. I just love a challenge. I knew I had some scarf blanks hanging around somewhere. After a bit of a rummage, yeay found them. The problem with these type of blanks is the glass cabochon has to fit in a setting and not just on a pad. A bit of guessing and judgement as to what size and shape I should cut the glass I gave it my best shot and here is the outcome.Guess what? Pam loves it :o).
Whilst I was cutting Pam's cabochon my mind was wondering onto doing another one. This time I did not have any restraints on colour or design. So, I though a hand ground eye cabochon would look great in this setting. After a bit more judging what size to cut the glass. I complete it and put it in the kiln with Pam's. A couple of hours later, the kiln door was opened and with a sigh of relief the cabochons fitted the setting.
As always the picture never show the true gorgeous colour of glass but you get the idea of it.
 If you would like to order the Eye Scarf Clip cost £15 plus £2 p&p then please email me at:

You can see more designs at:

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