Solid Silver new design hand crafted jewellery.

OK. What does a jewellery maker do when confronted with a Silver chain, bail, strip of oval silver, silver solder and a gas torch ow yes and some dichroic glass. 
Well that's easy. 
First of all, I bent the silver strip into a ring shape and soldered the ends together using the great little blow torch bought from Sainsburys. Cleaned this up by hand with very fine grit emery paper (i think it was 1000 grit) then got the solid silver bail and dichroic glass cabochon and glued, using E6000 glue, all three pieces together. Hung on a 16 inch silver chain and 
here's the finished jewellery. 

Solid Silver new design hand crafted jewellery.

Not my normal design so pricing was a bit tricky. 
Tacking into account the amount of silver and the dichroic glass I came up with a price of 
£35 plus £5 p&p.
If you would like to order this truly unique piece then please contact me via email at
Thanks for stopping by and having a read and hope you come back soon.
Steve :-)


  1. Your knowledge of brazing and silver soldering comes good for you again! Lovely work as always Steve!


Thanks for looking at my blog. Hope you come back soon. :o)


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