Entwined Tree of Life Pendant. NOW SOLD.

The concept of the tree of life has been used in
science, religion, philosophy and mythology.
It's a common motif in various theologies, mythologies and philosophies.
Alluding to the interactions of all life in many culture.
A sacred tree, adored by many and ever lasting in the thoughts of
people throughout the world.

I love make all my jewellery
but the one that really floats my boat is the
Tree of Life Pendants.
I find this such a powerful symbol and when two are entwined it's even better.
This pendant was made using top quality green glass and the image fired into the
surface of the pendant. The symbology carried this colour glass really well, in my opinion.

To order (£15 plus £2 p&p)   Now sold. please contact me via email at
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