Unigue Gift, Dichroic Glass Pendant with 8GB USB Flash Drive

Dual purpose pendant.
A pendant with USB flash drive.

It was recently suggested that my pendants would look good as a flash drive holder for computers. I thought what a great unique gift idea.
I went off and thought about it, scratched my head quite a bit and came up with this design. 

This unique Dichroic Pendant has a solid silver bail attached and shows off what I would class as electric colours (some may argue that one, but I'm the designer, lol). 
It measure approximately 2 1/4" x 1" including the bail.

Set just inside the back of the pendant is a 8GB flash drive. As you can see, the wearer can just pull off the bottom part and insert it into a gadget for easy transfer of data, images, music or what ever you need to transfer and then simply replace it back into the top part of the pendant. 

The flash drive has been checked by me and contains a little message. If you are a techie head please don't bombard me with technical questions, all I know is. It's new, it works and it's small.

If you are interested in buying this unique and special pendant then please contact me at:
The price for this one is £35 plus £2.50 P&P.
(if required, it is supplied with free velvet type 16" cord)

Most of my designs can be found on my website. 

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