Best birthday present a man can get.

Just a short post about my 50th yes 50 I said, I know I don't look a day over 21. ooops snigger snigger......

Because this was a special milestone. Sue and Sue's family and my family donated hard earned cash for my guitar fund (which by the way was at £0 before any gift was given. LOL) and there generosity bowled me over.

My heart has been set on a Hagstrom Ultra Swede Cosmic Black for about 3 years. For those that haven't got a clue what one of these is, here's a picture.

I originally played one of these in a music shop at York and just loved it. Well, I was not disappointed when I got my very own from North East Guitar and Amp shop . The guys in their were really helpful and we made a great deal with them. They even gave me a hard case and a strap.

It plays beautifully and I feel like I've been playing it for years. I now know that my playing ability is better than I thought. I think that is down to the increased confidence due to the new guitar.

That's about it really. My big five O and a new musical toy all rolled into one,they say there is always a silver lining and mine is a Hagsrom

I will be back soon with more info on my jewellery and my life in North Yorkshire and I'm off to play a few tunes on the guitar now.

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