My new design for taking the perfect picture !!!

Hello readers!
Here is my next barmy brain wave idea, design and make of trying to get the best picture I can of my Dichroic Glass jewellery.
Simple things laying around the studio were gathered together for this build.

Bits and pieces.
Small piece of 12mm MDF
A piece of foam core board
Some silver foil
Gaffa tape
Two sets of LED Christmas lights (left over from the window display).

Craft knife
Spray glue

The Make!
The housing for the lights to fit in was made with the MDF. Shaped with the dremel and drilled for the LED lights. 
The shiny wall around the lights was made from the foam core board, scored at about every1/4" to make a curve. Spray glue was applied and the silver foil was stuck to the inner walls. This was then gaffa taped around the light housing. 
Well you get the picture anyway.
LED jewellery lightLED jewellery light
Two sets of lights = two rows of lights.
LED jewellery lightLED jewellery light

LED jewellery light
This is what it looks like the correct way up.
LED jewellery light
Lights off.......Lights on!!!!!
LED jewellery light
With the lights on and camera sat on top.
LED jewellery light

LED jewellery light
It needs a bit of tidying up but the lights work really well and here is the proof.

Dichroic glass jewellery pendant
A dichroic pendant in all it's sparkling splendour.

Thanks for reading, leave a  comment if you want and share as well.

Steve :-)

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