The making of LED Jewellery Display lights for the studio cabinet

It's been a while since last posted.
I have been really busy with commissions (something later on that) and putting to good use one of my other talents. Soldering!!! Well I think talents is a bit strong but what I do seems to work. LOL.
So here is a selection of pictures, a bit like a story board showing the different staging of how to make the LED lighting for the studio display cabinet.
"A picture says a thousand words" 
as they say but I still have to add a few of my own. lol
My trusty old soldering irons dusted off and plugged in. 
Soldering iron
 Finding a UK company that sells LED light strips that seem like they know something about them took a while but found this amazing company LED Lighthouse based in Huddersfield. 
A quick phone call to them made things a lot easier. They advised on powering them and different types and ways to connect them up.
Here's a close up of a couple of pieces cut and pre-soldered (by me) . As my cabinet has about nine shelves, the LED strip is sold by the meter and you simple have to cut into the required lengths.
 Here, you can see the short lengths of LED strips with two core cable soldered and plugged into the mains adaptor. Because the shelves are at different heights. I had to work out the different lengths of cable to fit the cabinet. 
 And here, the lights are fitted into the cabinet. 
The picture on the left has them off and the one on the right has them on. The pictures don't really bring up the difference but I can assure you they look great! 
Lights on making the glass sparkle!
Full length pictures of the cabinet, the left one with lights off and the right one has lights on
 So, here is the cabinet, in all it's glory......
  Thanks for reading, 
and I hope you come back to see what else a Alchemist can come up with.

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