The making of Harliquin dichroic glass pendant jewellery

Whilst making these round pendants of dragon eyes and cats eyes. To be fixed as pendants and bracelet cabochons. I have lots of very small off cuts from corners. These off cuts can be  very expensive and nothing goes to waste so I decided to use them for a new 
Harlequin design pendant idea I've had for a while.
More about these cats eyes and dragon eyes on a future blog post.

Here you can see the basic pear drop design, very rough but it should smooth out in the kiln.
Lots of corner off cuts placed together to form the basic shape. This dichroic glass in 2mm thick so the top glass had to be 4mm thick. 
The simple glass firing rule is always in the  front of the mind. 
"Glass wants to be 6mm thick and round. "
Well I wanted that thickness but did not want it round so I made sure the firing soak time was not too long. I decided through experience for that to be 4 minutes. (If your interested. lol)

And now, after cooling. The fired cabochon, straight out of the kiln. As I expected, all nice and rounded edged but still in the shape I wanted. A pear drop or tear drop pendant shape.
I then glued a bail on using E6000 glue and did not touch it for 48 hours. A lesson learnt from fiddling with glued items before this time had lapsed which proved unforgiving. As in, it fell off! lol
Here it is in all it's fine glory. 

My first
Dichroic Glass Harlequin Pendant
 I am really please with the finished piece. I never quite know what is going to come out of the kiln until it's done it's thing. But as long as enough thought has been put into it, it's usually ok. Although, I do have a small tub with mistakes and designs that just didn't work. 
These, as I have said earlier will be used at some time in the future as I don't like to throw any glass away.
 If you want this unique pear drop harlequin pendant for £15 plus £3 p&p 
then contact me via email: 
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Thank you


  1. That was a really interesting rad and I love the finished article.

  2. Hi Pippa. Thank you and I am glad that someone reads my ramblings :o)

  3. Hi, Steve,

    Yes, it's 2014 and I've just found this great post! What a beautiful pendant. Thanks, actually, for putting in the note about the 4-minute "soak" does help! I love making dichro jewelry, and let most of mine hold for about 16-17 minutes, depending on what it is. That makes for some nice, deep, dimensional looking pieces. That said, I am glad to see the results of your pendant here, and love the rounded look of each piece under the clear glass. Just lovely. I'm going to try the shorter time as you recommended. Thanks, and all the best!


Thanks for looking at my blog. Hope you come back soon. :o)


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