A New Idea from a mishap......

As all my readers have seen, I recently had a go at making some very narrow drop pendants and for the most they were a success which you can see in my website or Etsy shop. This is one that I was really pleased with. Firing very small cabochons that I had previously done onto a narrow piece of dichroic glass.

I set the kiln going with a slightly different set of parameters and started the fusing process.

To my happy surprise this worked and a few hours later this pendant looked and felt great.

At this point of my posting I must tell there is a sad and then happy end. The sad part of this short story is whilst admiring this new creation, seeing the beautiful colours and feeling how tactile the the knobbly bits were. It slipped out out my fingers and fell directly on to my diamond file. With a pinging sound, this beautiful unusual drop pendant became a couple of scrap bits of glass.

Oooops, I said, well I had a few more choice words than that but you get the meaning.

The Happy Ending

This part of the story begins about a week later. Whilst in the studio contemplating life, the universe and everything or shall we have chips or pasty for dinner. I spot the fragments of what once was the drop pendant and the thought of reuse and lateral thinking began. I suddenly saw these two pieces of dichroic glass dangling on earring wires and then a image popped into my head of a new collection of knobbly drop earrings.

So, the next creative chance I get. The glass cutter is coming out and my new range begins. I cant wait!!!!

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