Hand Made Dichroic Glass Bracelets,

Hi to all my readers.

I recently had a amazing idea of seeing my dichroic glass designs on silver bracelets. So off I went and purchased some bracelet blanks and started experimenting. Once again, a few mistakes occurred before I was totally happy with the outcome.
As you can see from the pictures below. These look beautiful and would look great at any occasion.

The two pictures above are of the same bracelet and show just how beautiful the glass can look from different aspects.

This one is one of my favourites, the sparkling dichroic glass looks stunning on this wide type bracelet. I am so pleased with the look of these finished bracelets and am so looking forward to making more of them.

All these bracelets are adjustable and made from silver plated copper with my unique dichroic glass designs. They are £15 each plus £2 UK P&P or £4 worldwide P£P you can treat yourself or a loved one by contacting me on stevesmithartist@yaoo.co.uk and I will email you a few pictures for you to choose from.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my latest sharp learning curve in jewellery making. Please pass on to all your friends and family. Take care :o)


  1. Hi from a new follower, I am from the Craft Forum and look forward to seeing more of your work.


  2. I love your sparkling dichroic glass bracelet, this is awesome...Handmade Jewelry

  3. you collection show why these beaded jewelry are so popular and beautiful.


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