Requests for stud earrings.

Hi All.

Well I completed my 2 hour solo craft event and it went really well. Sold a few and chatted to some really nice people. There was only one man that was panic buying for his valentine. ooops but I sorted him out a beautiful long tear drop sparkly pendant.

One thing that did come out of the show was that quite a few people wanted earrings. So the challenge was on. To start off I have had a go at making stud earrings and drop earrings will follow when I get the findings.

Here are just a few pictures of me being creative making my first sets of stud earrings. Ow yes, I think I need more nimble fingers for doing these. hahahahaha

Close up of my rainbow effect earrings. Although I say it myself. There gorgeous!!!!!

My handmade gluing board. One small problem with this was if too much glue was applied then they stuck to the board. Ooooops there goes my sharp learning curve again.

And the creator in action, well trying to look the part anyway. lol

Once these are paired up and boxed I will be listing them on my website, Steve Smith Jewellery
and also with be putting some on my etsy shop: Steve Smith Art

I am now just building stock for the craft season, first one is on the 5th March at Park Inn Hotel, North Street, York. This is a fashion and lifestyle Bazaar so hopefully my jewellery will fit in perfectly.

So if any of my readers are interested in buying pendants at £10 each and stud earrings at £5 a pair (drop earrings to follow) then you can contact me directly through this blog or go through my website (Steve Smith Jewellery ) or etsy shop (Steve Smith Art).

Hope you enjoyed this update and I will keep you informed as and when things happen.

See you for now :o)

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