My own designed gadget for making earring display cards for stud and drop earrings.

I thought I would share another of my own design gadget thingy. 
The problem was how to make two slits and two holes in the display card for my stud and drop earrings.
Here is the printed 45mm x 45mm card reading for holes to be put in.
I had this crazy idea of making a hinged piece with cutters set in at the correct level. This is the second version as I stupidly changed the design of the cards. ooops.
And this sort of how it works. Open up the gadget. (you can now see the two nails sticking out and where they used to be.
Here you can see the gadget totally open, showing the two blades set for making slits for the drop earrings.
The printed, plain card sits into a template area.
With the card in place, the gadget is closed firmed, without fingers left inside.
Here, you can just see the two nails that have pocked the two holes in the card for the stud earrings.
Opening the gadget (must get a name for it) the card is removed. The card has a pair of holes and a pair of slits
Here, you can see how the drop earrings are hung in the slits of the card.
Now, drop earring set and put into a display box reading for those eager customers to see and buy.
And just to show how the studs are set, here is the final finished card with studs and set in a display box.
Quite good, if I say so myself. I like to have some things automated. Because they can take up so much time. 
Now, when I need a few display cards, I just get the gadget out and within a few seconds I have them done.
I love it when a plan comes together.
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