Design Collaboration from Lonely Soldier Design and Steve Smith Jewellery

What a brilliant holiday we had in Glastonbury this year. Lots of relaxing coffee's, cakes and us time. In between all this hectic relaxing we even managed to visit the opening night of the Glastonbury Art Collective show. Loads of great art in all media ranging from pottery to silk painted dresses and within all these creations was this wonderful twisted wire jewellery by James Ferris of Lonely Soldier Design and owner of Minerva Beads and Gems.

This next picture shows off his work beautifully.

Well of course we got chatting outside and I mentioned that I made Kiln Fired Glass Jewellery and that was it a great connection of two like minded people began. James mentioned that he has been looking for a collaboration with a glass artist for some time but couldn't find one suitable or able to meet his needs. And quite a few hours later we decided to meet up at his shop Minerva Beads and Gems in Glastonbury later on that week. At this point I would just like to apologise to my wonderful lovely partner Sue of Inspired By Script, who had to put up with us two jabbering on about the endless design possibilities for all that time.
The last day of our holiday we spent in Glastonbury, well that's not quite true. The first half of the day was spent at my glass supplier about 40 minutes away (second trip that week) oooops sorry Sue. Once we got back into Glastonbury we visited James in his shop and carried on talking about jewellery and the collaboration idea. (poor Sue). And here we are the two designers outside the shop.

I actually had a few pieces of my jewellery on me at the time and left a nice red with inclusions pendant with James to have a go and see what he comes up with.
I waited what seemed like an eternity but about a week or so later the collaboration was complete and he posted the finished pendant on Facebook and Pinterest. The joint design of my glass and his wire design skills made this pendant go from looking sparkly good to outstandingly beautiful.
And here it is, the finished 1st collaboration piece of Lonely Soldier Designs and Steve Smith Jewellery. 
Absolutely stunning if  I say so myself.

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