Photographing jewellery. New home made light box

 OK. So here's another home made gadget thingy for the studio. The problem to solve was that I am always looking for better ways of taking photographs of my unique glass jewellery. Being glass, I have a real problem with getting the colours to show up without getting the stupid light reflection.
I had a rummage around and found a few pieces of foam core board and a roll of gaffa tape. Put me and these two things together and any thing can happen LOL.
After a couple of hours cutting and tapping up, here is prototype 1 (it could change).

 With a spot lamp shining through a hole in one side, a piece of opaque heat proof paper in front of the light and the camera set as shown.It was finished.

 I now just need another day in the studio to take some more picture and see how they turn out. From my initial findings. The images are very good, the light bounces around inside the box and lights up the space really well. I will post again soon with new pictures taken by using this new piece of hand made gadget thingy.
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