Making of Fashion Jewellery, Part 1.

I thought I would share with my readers how some of my fashion jewellery is made.
I should start off at the beginning, the problem a couple of years ago was that I wanted to hand fired very small pieces of glass but the cost of gas bottles, tubing and burner was just crazy for my shallow pockets. 
I then had a brain storm or something. I bought a very cheap butane gas torch from the local supermarket. You know the type, it's the one that you use in the kitchen for burning the sugar on deserts. mmmm now where's the pudding we promised ourselves tonight. lol
Anyway, I'll try and type while salivating :-)
To start with I used my trusty mosaic cutter and cut a few 1/4" square chunks of Dichroic glass. Then place them on a old broken (doesn't have to be broken but I know there is always a use for everything at sometime) tile, raised it off my workbench and set the gas alight. 
oooowwww fire! man always likes playing with fire :o)
I think these picture explains it far better than my words except that's it's really great fun to do and the glass transforms in front of your eye's.

Finished cabochons in the background and on in the process of being hand fired.
As above but from a different angle
and again.
I just love my Alchemy!!!!

You might be wondering what these very small cabochons are going to use for. Well some get used for small stud earrings but these were destined for double cabochon rings. 
And here's one that I've just made:
I think the outcome is really amazing and when you see it on someones finger they look even better.
This form of hand firing is really satisfying, you are more interactive with the glass. Watching it flow in different directions as you change the direction of the heat.

Making Fashion Jewellery, Part 2 will follow in a few weeks so please call back and if you have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you, with a answer if I can or directions on where to find that answer.
Thanks for reading
Steve :o) 

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