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I have suddenly realised that my jewellery designs fall within the fashion jewellery market. Here are just a few of my designs, all are unique and cannot be replicated although similar one's are made by me.
The first picture shows a bracelet with Celtic key design around a beautiful Dichroic Glass Cabochon. Which has been ground to look like the eye of a cat or dragon. I am still undecided on this. lol.

This next picture shows how different a mosaic pendant can look if cut and fired in a certain way. These are made in a two firing process where I, although have an idea how they will lokk I am not exactly sure how they will turn out after the second firing. The outcome in my eye's are quite Romanesque but you may think different. lol 

Here is one of my new range of hand fired dichroic glass cabochon set on a silver plated ring. When I first made these, I thought they looked quite good but it wasn't until I saw them on a lady's finger when I thought "WOW they look great" 
This next picture has been included, just to show off I think :o) After designing and making glass jewellery for a few years now. I still love the outcome and want to show it to everyone.

Here you can see the swirl affect of Dichroic Glass etching. I have designed and made quite a few pendant now but don't very often list etched pendants as they sell too quickly but I thought I would with this one. It's the same glass, believe or not. But the glass has been cut down the middle, one side reversed and fired. You can see from this pendant how different the same piece of glass looks from different angles. That's the fun or Dichroic Glass :o)

 And here we have a gorgeous pair of stud earrings set on 925 solid silver posts and backs. The picture does not do them justice, If you have not seen Dichroic glass jewellery before, you need to see it in real life. The colours just sparkle and change when you look at them at different angles.
 For my last picture on the blog post I have set small hand fired dichroic glass cabochons set on a silver plated bracelet. The design of this reminds me of the Art and Crafts Movement circa1900. I love the free flowing form and when the Dichroic glass sparkles, it just amazing.

Well that's about it for this post apart from. If you would like to see more of my designs and creations then you could either click on my Facebook link here: If you click the like button on my facebook page and share the post the your friends they will see what you like and you may get the present you want. 
or click for my website. Here you will find many more designs both for men and women.
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