Dichroic Glass Cremation Pendant.

I recently had what I thought was a strange request at the time. 
A Dichroic Glass Cremation Pendant.
But after googling the idea I realised that this was not a unique request and after a bit more head scratching I worked out how it could be done.
I worked out the price's and contacted Karen, the customer with the news. 
Karen is such a lovely woman, really friendly and smiley. She told me all about Brian, her late father and that she would love to have a pendant made to hold close to her at all times.
A few days later Karen, armed with a small heart shaped box of ashes turned up at the studio. It was a bit weird to think "I have a box of ashes in my hands" but once Karen explained how close she was with him and how much of a jocker he was. The weird feeling soon left me and I took a small amount of Brian's ashes for the pendant.
Karen had chosen the colours and size for the finished piece and she left me to it.
A few days later I had fired Brian on some gorgeous Dichroic Blue/green glass and for an extra bit (that I had not mentioned before) I had ground out a small heart shape in the back to put a little bit of the ashes there too.
As you can see from the following photos. The colours are stunning, the bail looks lovely and Brian sits well in his new home.  

There was a twist in the making of this cremation pendant. 
As I said before Brian was a bit of a jocker and as you can see. He is still working his magic. I have made hundreds of pendants over the last few years and have never before had this strange dimple on the edge, almost like Brian's up to his old jocks again, even in the afterlife. 

I will let you decide on that one.......

If you would like a Dichroic Glass Cremation Pendant of a loved one then please contact me on 


and I will see what can be done. Price's start from as little as £25 and go upwards. It just depends on what you want.


  1. Hi Steve. Thankyou so much for doing this for me. Dads passing devastated me and nearly a year on still does. What you have made is the most beautiful thing i own and thanks to you dad can now be with me every day and close to my heart. That is something i will be eternally grateful for. So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH xxx :0)

  2. Hi Karen. I am so pleased you liked the pendant. I was really happy how he and the pendant turned out. Take care and will speak soon :o) x


Thanks for looking at my blog. Hope you come back soon. :o)


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