Arrow Head Shaped Dichroic Glass Pendants

I recently had a idea of designing and making pointy Arrow Head Shaped Pendants but thought that's been done many times before. So after some head scratching (once again) I had the idea of a finished pendant with a squiggly inclusion.
I had some thin dichroic stringer hanging around at the studio and after a rummage in the tool box I found my gas soldering torch. This is great for manipulating very thin/small bits of glass and is not so smelly as a candle in the studio. (yes, you can manipulate glass stringers with a candle)
So on with the safety glasses, I lit the flame and started wiggling and bending the glass stringer. 
This was great fun and I kept going until I had made enough inclusions for a dozen pendants, with a few that didn't work that well or rather I dropped the glass and it broke beyond usage. I had enough for twelve pendants. 
All I had to do then was cut the base glass and the top glass, knowing it will shrink and round slightly. I cut them to what would turn out the best, in my eye's anyway.

And here are the finished Arrow Head Shaped Pendants.

Once again I had great fun making these and the end result shows that I did.
If you would like to see these close up then visit my website or click on the shop button above.
I have loads more design ideas that I will list as soon as they are made.
Thanks for reading.

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