The making of a small shop shelf sign.

My recent idea is to put together a starter pack for shop outlets to stock my creations.  
Making the jewellery is like second nature but I thought the pack should come with 
my logo for the shop shelf. 
And here is what happen.
First idea was to use a piece of perspex 20cm x 10cm.
The tools required were, plus a few hand tools.
A saw
A router/dremel
A chunk of wood
A sand blaster plus compressor.
The Craft ROBO cutter for making the stencil
A brief story of how to make the shop logo sign.
My wonderful partner Sue of Inspired by Script, an excellent calligrapher turned wedding stationary specialist had already designed my logo a couple of years ago. She used the original to scan and then set her Craft ROBO cutting the A4 piece of sticky backed vinyl.
Once the stencil was made I attached it to the perspex. 
Steve Smith Jewellery

The compressor was turned on and my little sand blaster was loaded with the abrasive, this time it was aluminium oxide, I etched within the stencil cutouts. After all the sand blasting was done, I removed the stencil and washed the perspex under water, making sure I did not cause any unwanted scratches.
The Base
As for the base, The chunk of wood was routed with the Dremel to a depth of 5mm to allow the sign to sit into it. Then I cut to approximate size using a saw. With a bit of planing and sanding I had the desire smooth feel to the piece of wood. A quick seal of Bee's wax and the sign foot was finished.
Then with a bit of hot glue I attached the perspex in the rebate and there you go. 

The finished sign in perspex, or is it!!!!!!

I then decided to go through all this again but this time using glass as the sign material. 
I much prefer the glass one. The image looks so much more crisp. 
After all I do work in glass so that should have been my first thought.

My New Glass Shop Sign.
Steve Smith Jewellery shop sign
And that's about it. Now I just need to get this sign and a few of my jewellery pieces into a shop.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed another one of my sometimes crazy little makes.

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  1. Positively gorgeous work, that! Gonna make one for your desk, too?


Thanks for looking at my blog. Hope you come back soon. :o)


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