Dichroic Glass Gemini Fashion Pendants.

OK. It's only a week away from the start of the Zodiac sign of Gemini. 
The 20th May this sign starts so if you are looking for that something special, unique and handmade for a love ones present then look no further.
I have designed and made a short run of just three of these 
Gemini Pendants and once they are gone there gone!
These three are classed as small, medium and large where the Dichroic Glass pendant measure approx 1"1/2" by 7/8" 
all at the same price of £15 each plus £2 p&p. To order please contact me via email at stevesmithjewellery@yahoo.co.uk

I will be designing and making new zodiac pendant for each sign and will be listing them about three weeks before the start date of the zodiac month.
Be sure to contact me if you would like that unique gift for someone special in your life.

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