Salvador Dali Valentine Pendant, ooops

I thought I would give some of my readers a bit of a laugh. Well, it made me laugh at my stupidity anyway 
Here is a selection of pictures of the same pendant that went slightly wrong when fired. 
The lesson of the day was.
Check the glass after placing in the kiln to see if any layers of glass has slipped.
As you can see, a slippage happened and I did not spot it until after it came out the kiln.
I thought it looked like a Salvador Dali picture as a layer of glass had slipped, and slipped right  at the edge of the kiln tile where it dripped over the edge.
My selling brain tried to eye up a angle to see if it would work as a pendant but no matter at what angle I looked at it the answer was. NO WAY.
This is why it's ended up as a blog post. Chuckle away glass workers, we all make mistakes and that's how I learn! LOL. 
In fact everyone chuckle away, we all deserve a laugh at someone elses mistake sometimes.

 Hope you enjoyed that, I will return soon with some of my better creations.
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  1. I'm still puzzling about a use for it.
    Thanks for posting :o)

  2. I coukld try and sell it to the Dali gallery in Northern Spain lol :o)

  3. What a shame! It could be used as a rest or prop, I'm always looking for funny shaped objects to prop something to take a better photo and get the angle right!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm still looking at that and thinking how to use it! Maybe gluing it to your sign could be the best thing for it!! :)

    1. I think I will bury it under a car park in Leicester. lol :o)


Thanks for looking at my blog. Hope you come back soon. :o)


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