To rest or to make, that is the question.

Well the answer is quite simple. To Make.

Its been quite some time since my last blog post due to loads of craft fairs running up to the festive break with that and not having enough hours in the day, blogging became a bit of a second thought, it shouldn't I hear people say. Well let them do seven fairs in five weeks and see how they feel. LOL.

Here's just a few pictures of some of the event, I was actually quite lucky that no pictures were taken when I was in Dickensian attire. Phew!!!

I had a great time meeting all those different people, some nicer that others, I guess that's the retail side to any business. The best fairs I attended was the short afternoon village hall Christmas events. The people were so friendly and they spent which is always a bonus. lol.

Well I have lots of plans and new ideas for this years designs. Keeps visiting me for latest designs and offers. I will in theory be putting them onto my web site and Etsy and Facebook pages all linked together so if you get to one there will be link to the other.

Cheerio for now and I will be back sooner rather than later.

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